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Aero Truck Leaders in truck aerodynamics and bullbars
Aero Truck Leaders in truck aerodynamics and bullbars

Bullbars: Everything You Need to Know

What is a bullbar?

Bullbars are used on every type of truck, including trucks. Essentially, a bullbar is a device that attaches to the front of a truck to protect it from collisions.

Bullbars were originally invented in Australia, where many wild animals lead to truck collisions. Their origin has given bullbars alternate names such as kangaroo bar, nudge bar, moose bumper, brush guard, rammer, grille guard, and cattle pusher, to name just a few. However, the term bullbar is most commonly used, referencing how bullbars protect vehicles from wild cows and bulls on country roads.

What is a bullbar used for?

There are numerous functions of bullbars that make them a popular choice for truck users everywhere today. Here are some of the top functions.

General safety

Bullbars provide exceptional truck protection overall because they protect your truck in virtually any scenario. For instance, they are suitable for off-road driving, rough roads, and driving at night. Bullbars also save trucks from general inconveniences, such as tree branches and rocks. Furthermore, they also protect trucks from collisions and are even used by police forces because of their trusted protective qualities. Ultimately, bullbars protect trucks from damage and minimize it when it does occur.

Animal collision protection

As stated above, bullbars were created to protect trucks from animal collisions. Driving on rural roads at night leads to more animals crossing the street and less driver visibility. Animal collisions can cause injury or even death. Additionally, it can cause extreme damage to trucks because of the weight and force of the animal. Use a bullbar to minimize the potential for injury as well as truck damage.

Recovery points

If a truck gets stuck, they are generally retrieved via recovery points. Items such as rope or a trailer can be attached to each recovery point, serving as a rescue option if a truck needs to be pulled, dragged, or transferred somewhere. Bullbars provide an extra recovery point, ensuring additional safety and accessibility. Many bullbars now come with built in recovery points. In the event recovery points are needed, bullbars provide additional help.

Accessory and gear mount

Bullbars can assist with mounting accessories and gear. This is perfect for mounting sports equipment and gear. It can also mount antennas. Without a bullbar, there will not be a solid mount to hold these items down.

Winch mounting point

Bullbars make it easy to mount winches. Although winches can be mounted without bullbars, mounting a winch with a bullbar is the most straightforward technique because bullbars allow for an easily accessible point of mount for a winch.

Selecting the best bullbar for your needs

There are many types of bullbars. Here is what you should know when choosing the best fit for your truck.

• Stainless steel bullbars

Steel bullbars are excellent for extreme conditions. Steel is very strong and is easy to fix if dented. Stainless steel is also great for rust prevention.

• Aluminum bullbars

Aluminum bullbars are also very durable. Depending on the conditions, aluminum bullbars can actually perform better than steel bullbars. This is because they are less rigid and lighter in weight than steel bullbars. Because they are lightweight, they put less pressure on your truck as well. Note that they are often more expensive than steel bullbars.

• Black powder finish

For further strength, add a black powder coat finish to your bullbar. Powder coating gives a tough, smooth, matte finish. Black powder coating also makes bullbars scratch and corrosion resistant, and rust-free.

• Bullbar design

Not only is the material of bullbars important, but the type of design of bull bars matters too.

• Full bullbars

Full bullbars wrap entirely around the front of a truck, providing complete front-end protection.

• Center bullbars

Center bullbars do not look the same as full bullbars because they do not wrap around the front of a truck. However, they are still a popular option because their center design is very strong.

• Rear bullbars

Bullbars aren’t just for the front of a truck; there are also rear barbells to protect the back of your truck. This will give complete protection surrounding both sides.


Bullbars are highly versatile, and they can fit any brand. Aero Truck has experience in various brands and can assist you as your truck bullbar manufacturer in South Africa. Aero Truck can provide assistance with the following bullbars:

● DAF Truck Bullbars
● Daewoo Truck Bullbars
● FAW Truck Bullbars
● Foton Truck Bullbars
● Fuso Truck Bullbars
● Hino Truck Bullbars
● Hyundai Truck Bullbars
● Iveco Truck Bullbars
● Isuzu Truck Bullbars
● MAN Truck Bullbars
● Mercedes Benz Truck Bullbars
● Powerstar Truck Bullbars
● Scania Truck Bullbars
● TATA Truck Bullbars
● UD Truck Bullbars
● Volvo Truck Bullbars
● Volkswagen Truck Bullbars

Ultimately, bullbars are an excellent way to improve a truck’s safety and appearance. To learn more about bullbars or purchase one for your truck, contact Aero Truck here.