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Aero Truck Leaders in truck aerodynamics and bullbars
Aero Truck Leaders in truck aerodynamics and bullbars

8 Top Quality Custom Truck Accessories South Africa

We cannot emphasise the need for truck accessories enough. Not only do they help lengthen the lifespan of your truck, but they also lengthen the lifespan of individual parts within the truck. Essentially, protecting the investment you’ve made in the truck, while protecting the driver of the vehicle.

Once you understand this fact, you can begin searching for high-quality truck accessories that will provide value to your vehicle. To help you start investing in accessories for your truck, we’ve curated a list of eight must-have accessories.

1. Locking fuel caps for diesel trucks

The substantial increase in the cost of fuel means that fuel theft has sky-rocketed in recent years. As for truck companies being the most targeted industry for fuel theft, the need for diesel locking caps has increased. While diesel locking caps aren’t a guaranteed way to prevent theft, they add an additional layer of protection that will deter the most opportunistic thieves.

2. Truck Headlight Protectors

Long-distance truckers are well aware of how remote and rural South African roads become the further you are from the city; this extends to other African countries.
Not only is there more debris – like gravel, stones and sticks – on these roads, but the terrain on these roads also makes it likely that your truck’s headlights will be damaged. Instead of purchasing new headlights, it’s far cheaper to invest in a pair of truck headlight protectors. Additionally, depending on the type of truck headlight protectors you buy, truck headlight protectors can increase your truck’s visibility.

3. Sleeper Cab Extensions

Retention in the trucking industry is a far cry from what it could be. The cost of recruiting and training new drivers is exorbitant when compared to retaining your existing roster of drivers. Extending your sleeper cab – to include other amenities like cooking facilities and a restroom – is one way to promote retention rates, reduce driver fatigue, and treble your efficiency. Drivers can take appropriate rest or rest while a partner driver is at the wheel.

4. Sleeper Cab-Overs

Sleepers are also vital in cab-overs. Data has revealed that, when it comes to revenue generation in the trucking industry, rest is just as vital to the equation as efficiency and performance on the road, as it impacts these two indicators. In older model cab-overs, having a dedicated sleeper ensures your drivers have adequate rest on their long journeys, improving their safety and performance. Furthermore, these sleepers add to the resale value of the truck.

5. Truck Seat Cover Protection

An overlooked component of truck accessories is seat cover protectors. Regardless of whether your truck takes thousand-kilometre journeys regularly, it is constantly in use, bar a few hours a month for maintenance. In light of this, having seat covers is critical. They protect the seat from expected wear and tear while adding comfort and support for the driver. Besides, the minimal upfront investment pales in comparison to the cost of new seats.

6. Truck Spot Lights

Another essential for long-distance truck drivers, who have to navigate stretches of road where there is limited visibility, are truck spotlights. These lights improve driver visibility and ensure other vehicles on the road are aware of their presence. As a result, they can reduce vehicle collisions in conditions with low visibility when headlights aren’t providing adequate brightness.

7. Underrun Side Protection Bars

Underrun side protection bars are another overlooked truck accessory. However, of all truck accessories, they provide the most benefits. These benefits include:

● Protecting pedestrians and cyclists from falling under the truck.
● Significantly improving the truck’s aerodynamics.
● Reducing the potential damage that could be caused to the truck when a driver turns in too early.

8. Windscreen Guards

Replacing a windscreen is a costly endeavour but is an inevitable part of long-distance trucking. Changing weather conditions, debris, and hijacking attempts are all risk factors that increase the risk of windscreen damage that will impact visibility and, if left unchecked, become a liability. Additionally, windscreen guards also make long-distance trucking more bearable in changing weather conditions by helping regulate the internal temperatures.

You may consider the cost of all these truck accessories a needless expense. However, in the long run, these initial costs are recouped through increased efficiency and security, in addition to reduced maintenance and replacement costs.
By installing these truck accessories, you’re not only investing in your truck’s lifespan, but you’re also investing in your employees and protecting the lives of regular road users.

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