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Aero Truck Leaders in truck aerodynamics and bullbars
Aero Truck Leaders in truck aerodynamics and bullbars

Truck Aerodynamics & Fuel Efficiency - Everything You Need To Know

Trucks are an integral part of the South African economy. A major contributor to the country’s GDP is our freight and logistics industry.

As business owners, our clients are constantly looking for ways to improve fuel efficiency and economics. And that’s where truck aerodynamics come in.

In this blog, we’ll break down what exactly aerodynamics are and how they affect trucks. We’ll also look at some of the accessories that truck owners can add to improve their aerodynamics.

How Truck Aerodynamics Work

Aerodynamics is a science that studies airflow around objects. It’s concerned with the lift and drag forces acting on an object due to fluid motion.

As aerodynamic specialists in South Africa, we understand the unique requirements of each part. This allows us to recommend ways in which they can be optimized for better performance.

Airflow on the road interacts with your truck’s shape. This causes drag through friction or turbulence. It also creates lift. Lift can cause your vehicle to become unstable if not properly accounted for. This can be a safety risk for drivers and passengers.

To reduce these effects, we add aerodynamic elements to trucks to improve efficiency and stability on the road. Our parts are made from materials like carbon fibre. This allows them to be durable yet light enough not to weigh down the truck.

Why Is Optimization in Truck Aerodynamics So Important?

Truck aerodynamics and fuel efficiency are essential for any truck owner. Especially if you want to save money on operational costs and boost profit margins. After all, the better your transport operation runs, the more competitive you’ll be in the long run.

Key questions about truck/ trailer aerodynamics you should ask:

– How much fuel does my truck use per kilometre?

– What is the cost of that fuel?

– What are the costs associated with tire wear and maintenance due to high fuel consumption?

– Is there a way to optimize aerodynamics or reduce tire wear for better operational efficiency of my transport fleet?

A specialist will be able to help assess your current situation and recommend options for better performance. By making these changes, you’ll see an improvement in your economic performance.

Key Ways To Improve Your Truck's Aerodynamics

  • Use lighter materials for certain components.
  • Adjust your tires.
  • Improve engine performance with special coatings on your turbocharger
  • Use improved fuel injection technology.
  • Enhance the aerodynamics of your truck by upgrading to a custom cab, flatbed body or by fitting custom accessories.

This last one is especially important. It can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 20% according to some estimates!  For a full list of benefits, check out this Quick Guide to Truck Aerodynamics.

What Accessories Can Truck Owners Add To Help Aerodynamics

Accessories play an important role in truck aerodynamics. One way you can improve your truck’s aerodynamics is by installing aerodynamic truck parts like roof fairings. These devices help deflect air around and away from your truck, reducing drag. Another accessory you can add to improve aerodynamics is underbody protection. This shield helps reduce drag and prevents stones or other debris from getting stuck underneath your vehicle. This in turn increases truck aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. There are several truck aerodynamics accessories that can make a huge difference in your business. If you want to know more about truck aerodynamics or learn more about the products we offer, contact us today to speak to a specialist.


Aerodynamics can improve any brand’s performance. AeroTrucks has extensive experience in all truck brands. We will be happy to assist you as truck aerodynamics specialists in South Africa.